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All Is Calm, All Is Bright

I spent the first few weeks of December carting my daughter back and forth to Choir practice. “Practice” turned into massively long rehearsals, which I found annoying because she’s SEVEN. When I signed her up for choir I didn’t know I was signing up for a Christmas Musical! We’re talking choreography, five songs, and speakingContinue reading “All Is Calm, All Is Bright”

Cornucopia of Continuation

So much has happened the past few weeks! Nothing HUGE but a conglomeration of little things… I completed a significant round of querying for GG and have had only a few rejections. It’s been several weeks now. Hopeful. I also queried a very personal, sort of historic in theme, Young Adult Poem to a handfulContinue reading “Cornucopia of Continuation”

Onward & Yonward

I feel better when I’m moving forward. It doesn’t have to be much, even baby steps in what I think is the right direction gives me complete satisfaction. Sitting and waiting I can survive. Not a big problem. But when I have a perceived set-back, no matter how small to someone else, I stumble intoContinue reading “Onward & Yonward”

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